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“Pray For Me” is a song with a great blend between modern pop music and gospel with influences from last century’s soul. Everyone can relate to the story of being attracted and involved with a heart wrecking relationship for which you could use everyone’s prayer for. The lyrics are edgy and cool with fun twists. The song is written to actively involve the listener by hymning along with the singer in the chorus while marching your feet to the pulse of the beat. And when she’s at the bridge, we know for sure you can’t resist her claps on the downbeat. Kristin Husøy’s fantastic soulful vocals makes it a memorable song. The acoustic version will give you even more chills and touches your soul immediately as she’s singing from her vulnerable but fierce heart.

Kristin feels honored to work with young and talented producer Foxela and is excited about her new release.


Foxela: “I am grateful and thankful to embark on this serendipitous collaboration with Kristin Husøy through our labels!! I had an opportunity to do this remix and it took it instantly. I’m always a fan of changing the vibe of songs via remixes and I thought it would be cool to incorporate my deep house style into a downtempo song that’s completely different like this one.”

“Pray For Me” is written by 4 Dutch writers named Roel Rats, Marcia “MISHA” Sondeijker, Galeyn Tenhaeff and Neil Hollyn and is produced by Roulsen.





Kristin is only 19 years old, grew up in Trondheim, Mid of Norway and still at high school. In 2020, she participated with the 60th anniversary of the Norwegian television show ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ (MGP), the local pre-show of world’s biggest songwriting contest Eurovision with an average of 200 million viewers and became 2nd in the race. Critics and press called her performance of “Pray For Me” “impressive” and “outstanding”. 


With no social media presence, promotion or new releases, Kristin’s fanbase is growing fast throughout Nordic countries, UK and The U.S. With nearly 3 millions streams on “Pray For Me” on all platforms, including an impressive cover of Rihanna’s majestic song “Love on The Brain”, Kristin has proven to be rather impressive: she held #1 spot on iTunes Norway, a #2 spot for streaming and #23 for downloads in Top 100 Norway. At Spotify, she’s been #1 at Viral Norway and #23 at Top 50 Norway. And #29 on Shazam Norway.

After releasing an acoustic version, Kristin released a Remix EP including the Lancie Green & LUMA. Remix in April 2020 and has been playlisted on Norway’s biggest radio station NRK for over 6 months. The Remix EP with 7 remixes has over 430.000 streams on Spotify and iTunes. 


Kristin is incredibly fond of soul/jazz/RnB music, especially from the 1950s. Her biggest influences are Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill and Ella Fitzgerald. Her strong and soulful voice at that young age makes her stand out and feel her “old” soul.


Foxela, Electronic and Pop Music producer and signed to label Where The Fruits At in Singapore, instantly fell in love with Kristin’s vocals of “Pray for Me” after hearing it. And so he is grateful and thankful to embark on this serendipitous collaboration with Kristin by releasing a new remix by Toukan Records x Where The Fruits At on October 8.


At just 18 years of age, Nigel “Foxela” Quah, quickly became one of the most promising electronic acts to come out of Singapore by being the youngest Singaporean to reach a million streams on Spotify.

Nigel ventured into the realms of music production at the tender age of 9 and since his first release in 2017, his prolific pace has led to more than 50 releases and over 4 million streams under his belt. In 2019, he released As You Do, which reached #13 on Spotify’s official Singapore Viral 50 chart, surpassing both Billie Eilish and BTS. This was followed by independently released ‘Wild Love’, which garnered over 330K streams on Spotify. In 2020, he also became the first-ever Singaporean to release in well-respected labels such Tribal Trap.

Additionally, Nigel has also been supported by many international acts such as Brooks, Will Sparks, Blaze U, and Crunkz. He has also garnered support from labels such as Spinnin Records, Trap Nation, Cloudkid, and Future House Cloud.







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