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‘18’ acoustic is something different. It has an attitude, it’s bold and dreamy at the same time. With her
stunning vulnerable vocals on an atmospheric production you’ll enter into a new chapter of
Lara: expanding her music with more grown up electronic sounds.
She wrote ‘18’ for a close friend she somehow lost contact with. Losing somebody by
growing up because you’re growing apart is painful. Lara explains that as people change,
they sometimes don’t change the way you want them to. ‘I played the song to that friend on
her 18th birthday and she cried. She said that we’ll never become strangers and since then
we’ve been very close again’. It gave ‘18’ a new dimension: starting over is necessary when
change is needed.
‘18 acoustic’ will be released together with the original version ‘18’ and the instrumental,
under the title ‘‘you swapped your doll for a dress’.
‘18’ was recorded during the first lockdown in the Netherlands due to COVID-19, in March
2020, together with her previous and first single ‘something i can’t fake’ at Wisseloord
Studios. Still growing fast and over 125.000 streams, the song was added to one of the
biggest playlists in Germany ‘Akustischer Frühling’ and Netherland’s ‘t Koffiehuis’ on the day
of its release. No doubt, ‘18’ will become one of your favourites too.
Lara’s second release on Toukan Records is led by producer Roulsen and songwriter Marcia
Sondeijker hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, known for collaborating with


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