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The 22 year old Singer-Songwriter Lara Samira from Berlin will release her new single ‘Call Me Crazy’ on January 20, 2023 ‘Call Me Crazy’ reflects the confidence Lara has in her art, despite what other people say. “Too many times I’ve been told that I would never make it and that I’m crazy for trying or too lazy to do something good.” But it’s not about that. She says only has this one life to live and so she’s making the most of it and will save herself while others lose themselves to society’s expectations.

‘Call Me Crazy’ is Lara’s second single from her upcoming EP and is her 9th release on Toukan Records, an indie label from The Netherlands. Her debut EP ‘phosphenes’ has almost 5 millions streams. Her new music is more colorful, edgy and charismatic and will definitely shake you, so expect a lot! With 219.071 monthly listeners on Spotify, Lara’s fanbase and community continues to grow.

‘Call Me Crazy’ is written by Lara Samira herself, Stephanie Struijk, Roel Rats and Ben Cassorla. Produced by Roulsen and Ben Cassorla. Ben Cassorla is known for working with Olivia Rodrigo. Lara’s single on Toukan Records is led by producer Roulsen and singer-songwriter Marcia ‘Misha Angèle’ Sondeijker from Utrecht, The Netherlands, known for winning ‘I Want Your Song’ episode with OG3NE with their song ‘Love Letter’ and working with K-Pop superstars TAEYEON, HYO and TEAMIN.


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