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Hit singer-songwriter Misha Angèle releases new single ‘Can’t Count’ on indie label Toukan Records on November 18, 2022

You’re not single and not in a relationship either. Is it a break? It’s kinda unclear. The push and pull between you and your guy wears you out. You allow him to fuck with your mind and you feelings as he keeps pushing your boundaries. You can’t be with him or without him and so you’re up all night in case he texts you leaving you without sleep. Always wondering if he’s with someone else. So there’s no way you can count on him anyway and it hurts you. Written in LA (Silver Lake) in Ben Cassorla’s studio, where he worked with Olivia Rodrigo at the same time, this smooth RnB song is a serenade to all people as a support for not being able to let go of their ex yet. 3 years later, Misha Angèle records her dazzling and airy vocals in her own studio in The Netherlands with a Neumann U47 giving it the magic you can hear. ‘Can’t Count’ is the perfect slow jam to sing along and to put on repeat.


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