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JÆGERs EP ‘My First Extended Play’ is almost out.
With six hardcore songs, she breaks all the rules with harsh lyrics and an experimental
yet dark production.
It’s a collection of her own songs written in her early twenties until now. With honest and
raw words and melodies she paints pictures that most people can relate to.
There is no holding back on any subject. What better way to heal than get out all
frustration throughout music.
6 songs are on the EP:
How About Mars, Crocodile Killer, You Fucking Coward, Savage, Alone and Capiche.
All released under TOUKAN RECORDS.
All songs are written by Anna Jaeger herself (NO). Co-writes with Marcia Sondeijker
(NL). Productions by Roulsen (NL), Ben Cassorla (US) Tom Aleksander Klepp Molnes (NO) and Ola
Frøyen (NO).

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