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The mysterious 18-year-old Kristin Husøy from Trondheim (Norway) became 2nd in the 60th edition of ‘Melodi Grand Prix 2020’ (MGP) in Norway, the pre-show of world’s biggest songwriting contest Eurovision with no social media promotion or extra PR extra push. 1 million people, out of a population of 5 million, were watching her battles, leaving 28 participants behind her and gain an impressive #2 spot with song “Pray For Me” on February 15.

This song was her very first recording ever and today she has over 1 million streams on Spotify. She’s held the #1 spot on iTunes Norway for 1 week, #2 for 2 weeks, #18 on Top 100 Apple Music Norway and still is in the top 100 of Apple Music Norway. For 3 weeks she’s been #1 on Spotify Viral Norway, #23 on Top 50 Norway and #29 on Shazam Norway and #3 with the acoustic version.

As Kristin’s first success and TOUKAN RECORDS’ 2nd release only, the label challenged Norwegian DJ producers to remix “Pray For Me” for single release and organised a DJ remix competition. Because of the high number of submitted remixes the label decided to drop an REMIX EP with 7 remixes which will be released one by one the week before the REMIX EP drops. All singles will battle against each other for 10 days encouraging fans to support their favorite remix. On May 3 the final winner will be announced.

The EP is to be expected on April 27 with the original version and all remixes:

Pray For Me – single released on January 27
Pray For Me [CLRS Remix] – single release on April 20
Pray For Me [SFRNG Remix] – single release on April 21
Pray For Me [Lancie Green & LUMA. Remix] – single release on April 22
Pray For Me [Pegato Remix] – single release on April 23
Pray For Me [Senio Remix] – single release on April 24
Pray For Me [PATAYRemix] – single release on April 25
Pray For Me [Mikael Johnson Remix] – single release on April 26
Pray For Me (Remixes) – EP release on April 27

Background DJ Producers:

This remix will be the first one. CLRS is a colourful new brand founded by former member of Roul and Doors, Roulsen. CLRS stands for a vibrant blend of pop and dance music and has teamed up with Bright Sparks (Tiesto), Eric Lumiere (Seven Lions, Nicky Romero, DJ Antoine).

A 25 year old producer that living in Oslo, Norway. His musical style is a combination between hard EDM, Hip Hop and Pop music.

Lancie Green & LUMA.:
From the heart of Norway, Lancie Green & LUMA. is developing a unique energetic sound made for the clubs to take off. They have been all around Norway dropping tunes at both big and small clubs and are ready to take the world under their feet. They know how to set fire to every dance floor regardless of clientele.

Norwegian music producer & songwriter known for cheerful and tropical vibes with millions of streams across the globe

Senio is a Norwegian-born producer blending dance music rhythms with emotional pop and distorted vocals. After having his remixes on YouTube music channels with millions of followers, Senio continues to develop and explore the endless possibilities of musical production (whether it’s solo material or remixing).

PATAY (Niclas Patay Andvik) is an emerging Artist, Producer, and DJ who is based in Trondheim, Norway. His passion for all things music began early on. After witnessing the way DJs captivated an entire room and had the power to uplift an audience, PATAY immediately dabbled in DJing at just 15 years of age.

Mikael Johnson:
Mikael Johnson grew up during the uprising of electronic dance music in the 90s and soon drifted into the underground scenes of techno and house in his mid-twenties.
With his unique blend of rhythmic grooves, hypnotic melodies and dark rumbling bass lines, Mikael is already well on the way of establishing himself as a hard hitting underground artist in Scandinavia.

“Pray For Me” is written by 4 Dutch writers named Roel Rats (NL), Marcia Thadea Angèle Sondeijker (NL), Galeyn Tenhaeff (NL) and Neil Hollyn (NL) and is produced by Roulsen (NL). Roel and Marcia also wrote the Irish entry “22” by Sarah McTernan for Eurovision 2019 and released “Pray For Me” under they own label TOUKAN RECORDS.


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