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Lara Samira releases new single ‘right in front of you’ on July 30
The 20 year old Singer-Songwriter Lara Samira from Berlin will release her new single ‘right In front of you’ on July 30 on Dutch Indie label Toukan Records. The song reminds you of life’s little pleasures that are being overlooked when they are right in front of you.

While being on vacation in Florida Lara bought a new ukulele, because she felt like there was a song that needed to be written because she was actually in a pretty dark place. But in that moment, she realized that no matter how bad it would get she’ll still have her friends and family, the sun will still shine and the leaves will still be green and suddenly things seemed to be not that bad anymore. She played her new ukulele and started writing. And ‘right in front of you’ was born. Written by Lara Samira herself and produced by Roulsen and Ben Cassorla.
‘Right in Front of You’ will be part of her very first EP “phosphenes” together with her latest singles ‘something i can’t fake’ and ‘18’ with over 260.000 streams continues to grow.

“Phosphenes” is a word that might not sound familiar to you in the first place. But do you know that feeling, when you rub your eyes a little too hard and suddenly you see this explosion of colors and patterns? Those are phosphenes. And this is how it should feel when you’re listening to her EP: a light that emerged from the darkness to create a space full of colors without any external influence.
Lara describes her EP as a box and in it is a collection of letters. Every song, 6 in total, contains a personal message that is now ready to be sent out into the world. “Who knows, maybe they’ll even reach the person they were once meant for.” She plans to release her EP “phosphenes” after summer this year.

Lara’s fourth release on Toukan Records is led by producer Roulsen and songwriter Marcia Sondeijker hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, known for collaborating with Dutch artists Maan and rapper Sven Alias, Eurovision artists Tamta and Kristin Husoy.
Listen to ‘Right in Front of You’ here or go to larasamira.com / toukanrecords.com


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