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The song was recorded during the first lockdown in the Netherlands due to COVID-19, in March 2020. Social distancing and isolation have been a mental challenge but this just made her more ambitious to release her new single ‘Something I Can’t Fake’ hoping to bring some light and sparkle with Valentine’s Day in these dark times.

Lara, known for her participation on The Voice Of Germany, explains that her new single is honest and cheesy, but that’s what makes it so authentic. The song was written with pure happiness. ”Occasionally, my lyrics are as clear as looking through glass window panes and come straight from the heart- “something I can’t fake”. Like most of Lara Samira’s songs, this one came to life during one of her solo writing sessions in her own little bubble, her bedroom. “I love to include lyrics with hidden messages for myself! I might have done this with ‘Something I Can’t Fake’ too.

This is Lara’s first release on Toukan Records, led by producer Roulsen and songwriter Marcia Sondeijker hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, known for collaborating with Dutch artists Maan and rapper Sven Alias, Eurovision artists Tamta and Kristin Husoy.


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