Lara Samira

BIO LARA SAMIRA ‘Lara Samira’ reads like a beloved poem. Good friends call her Lara and her parents gave her the second name Samira, sounding like a gentle breeze. The 20 year old Lara Samira feels she’s an Indie Singer-Songwriter and describes her music as “imperfectly perfect” like perfect cracks on an imperfect ceiling. Sunny and cloudy. Chill and humble music that fits perfectly in the background of many living rooms. Her inspiration for many years now is Dodie. Through her music, she wants to bring peace and hope to the world. Together with her Toukan Records team, led by producer Roulsen and songwriter Marcia Sondeijker from Utrecht, The Netherlands, known for collaborating with Dutch artists Maan and rapper Sven Alias, Eurovision artists Tamta and Kristin Husoy, Lara is working on her very first EP ‘phosphenes’ that will come out in autumn this year. She already released 3 songs including her success single ‘something i can’t fake’ that got added to one of the biggest playlists in the Netherlands and Germany and now has over 460.000 streams. The song is on rotation on German radio airplay and continues to grow. Her new single ‘when words fail’ will be her fourth single of her EP, which contains 6 songs in total. She knows what she wants and she’s ready to make her “imperfectly perfect” dream come true. When she was little, Lara Samira and her grandpa used to sing a lot together. She would watch countless Disney movies and both her music-loving dad and grandpa taught her that music is important because it allowed her to see the world in a brighter light. Next to piano and singing lessons, she loved singing in the choir, playing leads in musicals and joining the jazz band at school. She started writing around the age of 8, in German, her native language. In 2016 she saw Grace Vanderwaal’s performance on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and felt so inspired she knew she just had to learn how to play the Ukulele. A year later with ‘The Voice Of Germany’ she would stand on a big stage too. “I remember that experience being unreal, being able to stand on a stage with nothing but a chair and my Uke. These are the most magical moments anyone could find outside of movies and books”. This journey lasted until the semifinals, she went on tour with The Voice and played over 20 shows in Germany, singing in front of thousands of people. It’s when Lara decided to start making music for a living, playing live at events and weddings. Although Lara has always been shy talking in front of an audience, on stage she feels free, unprotected and vulnerable in the best way. She’s confident that her warm voice is her gift and it helps her to tell her story and speak her mind rather than having a conversation about it. Small mistakes and imperfections are part of her style. Playing the strings of her Ukulele makes her feel even more connected to the music and you’ll never find her performing without it.

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