Misha Angèle

by Misha Angèle

Misha Angèle’s music colors different styles from RnB to Pop and Afro. Smooth and airy vocals gently massage your ear, high and low range. Rich melodies, harmonies and riffs keep you listening. ‘In Love’ feat Michael Rice is her debut single to get you in an honest and romantic mood. Born in Sittard, The Netherlands in ’83, Misha Angèle grew up in Muscat, Oman, where she started singing at the age of 4. Listening to Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, she knows she’ll be an artist too one day. When she’s 9, the family returns to The Netherlands where she still lives. She’s a nature girl. The desert, beach and tropics become part of her own culture. In ’92 she bought her first album ever, Mariah Carey ’MTV Unplugged’. It’s the album that teaches her how to sing and Mariah is an inspiration til infinity. When Alicia Keys releases her first album ‘Songs in a Minor’ and later Kendrick Lamar debuts his major-label album ‘Good Kid, m.A.A.d city’, Misha Angèle feels inspired to write about her own story, creates melodies and hooks, but doesn’t writes her first song yet until 2017. Graduating a University Marketing Master Degree, Misha Angèle started working in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, but after many unhappy office jobs, she decides to switch to music to follow her heart. With more than 250 million streams and 520,000 copies (singles and albums) sold under her belt, Misha Angèle is known for songwriting for Kpop artists like TAEYEON, TEAMIN and HYO.

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