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Amsterdam based singer songwriter and dancer Melvin Thomassōn will take you to space and beyond with his new hit single ‘Koffie op de Maan’ ‘’It doesn’t matter what we do or where we go, we could even drink coffee on the moon’’. Melvin’s new refreshing single ‘Koffie Op De Maan’ tells a story of two people falling in love for the night and forgetting everything around them. Melvin is blown away by the beauty of the girl he meets and tells her to take his hand so he can show her places in space and beyond. They can do anything, anywhere, even drink coffee on the moon if she desires. As long as he’s with her tonight, it doesn’t matter. ‘Koffie op de Maan’ has tempting elements which make you wanna move sexy. You might be in love too….. The production and ambiance of the song was inspired by latin artists such as Nicky Jam and J Balvin. Written by Melvin Thomassen himself, Marcia ‘Misha Àngele’ Sondeijker, Roel Rats and Tjeerd Van Zanen. Produced by Roulsen and co-produced by Melvin himself.

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